Amazing Kiss
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Never Back
Second Initiator: Baja
Third Reason: Pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 5 seconds
Fifth Actors: Sean Faris & Amber Heard

This is one of several kisses shared between the female & male protagonists of the 2008 teen martial arts film Never Back Down.

Jake Edit

Jake is a headstrong teen suffering from anger issues and survivor's guilt. After being baited into and brutalized in a fight, Jake takes up MMA, healthily venting his anger and becoming a better person.

Baja Edit

Baja is, on the surface, the clichéd gorgeous, coquettish matriarch of the student body. Underneath, she is a smart, insecure girl who wants to be loved for her brains & personality as well as her body.

The Story Edit

Jake & Baja meet and flirt when Jake transfers to her school. He believes her latching onto him a return of his attraction. In truth, Baja planned to lure Jake to her rich boyfriend Ryan's party so the two boys could spar. Baja had not counted on Ryan's psychopathic sadism causing him to almost kill Jake, filling Baja with severe guilt. She tried to apologize, but Jake was far from forgiving.

They avoided each other, occasionally exchanging insults. When Baja dumped Ryan, he got rough and Jake stepped in to defend her, but Ryan did not actually hit Baja. Later, Jake accepted Baja's apology and apologized for demonizing her, resulting in them kissing and dating.

The Kiss Edit

At Jake's home, Baja tried on his MMA gloves and they playfully spared, teasing each other. Jake (gently) floored Baja but she rolled him over, getting on top. Getting very close, she hotly whispered for him to "tap out" and he patted her buttox.

Gently, Baja touched Jake's lips with her tongue tip and the began kissing. As things began steaming up, they were interrupted by Jake's little brother.

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