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"Mlugh?! Mmm! Oooh...!" Mike when Samantha kisses him


- A typical moan during a kiss

The moan is a highly intensifying aspect to a good kiss. It indicates how much the participants enjoy the experience. A participant does not have to moan to have enjoyed the kiss. For some audience members, however, that one audible addition can make all the difference.

A moan is very typically exhibited by a person who is making out with a crush and can usually lead to the SSS.

Mike Brander Edit

When Mike's crush, Samantha James, zealously French Kissed him, he made no attempt to mask his delight. He expressed one initial moan of shock and two of pleasure. The shocked one came the moment right before Samantha's tongue was in his mouth. After the kiss had been going for roughly one second, the moans of pleasure followed. The first moan of pleasure also sounded like he was surprised by how good it felt. The second one sounded very relaxed.

Eléna Montero Edit

Eléna had always been a very heated young woman, especially in her attraction to Zorro. When she gave into her baser instincts and shared an ardent, impassioned kiss with him, she moaned deeply in the manifestation of her long repressed hedonism. Her moan too expressed surprise at how good the kiss was.

Christine Everhart Edit

Even though Christine took pride in her democratic principles, thus despising Tony Stark's weapon making, she could not ignore her sexual interest to him. Thus, whilst they were kissing, Christine was moaning very loudly and happily.

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