Amazing Kisser/Kissee
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Jennifer's Body
Second Role in Kiss: Receiver & Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Jennifer Check
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 16-19
Fifth Portrayed by: Amanda Syfried
Sixth FWBK: "Is that my Evil Dead t-shirt?"

Stupefied State Spell: 5 seconds

Anita "Needy" Lesnicki is Jennifer Check's kissing partner from Kiss between Jennifer Check and Anita "Needy" Lesnicki.

Needy was already aware that something was seriously wrong with Jennifer, but not that she was a succubus. So, when Needy found Jennifer in her bed, she freaked out and tried to give Jennifer the bum's rush, but the latter's calm disposition soothed her.

Jennifer (or her succubus) seemed to be aware of Needy's crush on her so she began grooming Needy's hair, then leaned in for a kiss. Needy looked very startled, but made no resistance. After receiving three soft kisses, Needy touched her tongue to Jennifer's, getting a deep French kiss.

Afterwards, Needy was spellbound and possibly under the succubus' allure. Jennifer lay on the bed and waited for a response. Needy yielded, lay on Jennifer and began kissing her passionately, causing Jennifer to moan and they began using tongue. The girls intimacy almost lead to sex, but Needy's will was too strong and broke the succubus' entrance, causing Needy to leap off and scream the F word for the first time, highly amusing Jennifer.

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