Amazing Kisser
Amber heard 29
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Never Back Down
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Jake Tyler
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18-20
Fifth Portrayed by: Amber Heard
Sixth FWBK: ""

Baja is Jake Tyler's kissing partner in 2nd (Presumably) kiss between Jake Tyler & Baja Miller.

Baja was initially dating the high school bully and only feigned interest in Jake, exploiting his obvious crush on her. Baja later developed genuine feelings for Jake, which were amplified by her remorse for setting him up. She later realized the error of her ways, broke up with Ryan and began a relationship with Jake.

Baja initiated a relationship with Jake by rubbing his arm sensually, slowly leaning him and kissing him. They seemed to make the perfect couple. Their next kiss came when they were play-fighting, Baja successfully pinning Jake, enticing him into groping her and then initiating a brief yet hot makeout session. It seemed like she wanted sex, but they were interrupted.

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