Amazing Kissee
Ben 1
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
Second Role In Kiss: Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Denise
Other attributes
Fourth Age-16
Fifth Portrayed by: Tye Sheridan
Sixth FWBK: No, I feel stupid. We should just look for the diary

Stupefied State Spell: 1 second

Ben is Denise Russo's kissing partner from Kiss between Denise Russo and Ben Goudy in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

16, single and unpopular, Ben was forced to be a hero when the zombie plague hit his town. Pining for a girl named Kendall, Ben believed she would never like him. He met Denise by chance and helped her when her bag strap broke. There was obvious chemistry between them and Ben seemed unusually comfortable with Denise.

Denise saved him from zombies a few times and his affable boyish demeanour continued to charm her. Confessing his belief he was unworthy of Kendall, Denise encouraged Ben to kiss her. Ben was too shy, and royally messed up when he tried. Attempting to escape the intensively awkward situation, he was surprised when Denise grabbed and started kissing him. Ben was even more surprised post kiss, when Denise said he was actually quite good at it.

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