Amazing Kisser/Kissee
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Second Roll in Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Will Smith
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Unknown (maybe 16)
Fifth Portrayed by: Adrienne-Joi Johnson
Sixth FWBK: Well, please try, Will. It'd mean so much to me

Christina is Will's kissing partner in Kiss between Will Smith and Christina.

Head of Will's school's poetry club, Christina loves an especially mawkish reading. Hungry for a strong, sensual male poet, Christina was drawn to Will's faux love of the art and friendship with a tragic, melancholic poet that (though Christina did not know) Will made up. She might have known of Will's attraction to her, and seemingly returned them. She knew not that Will was manipulating her, but apparently was using her looks to manipulate him in kind.

Visiting his place, they had a long, deep conversation in which Will continued to play on her weakness for over-sentimentality. When Will tried to dismiss the notion of introducing his poet to her, Christina took drastic measures and kissed him very deeply.

In the end, she got her "wish" by hooking up with Will's friend, posing as the fake poet, much to Will's frustration.

Trivia Edit

  • Though her exact age is unknown, Christina is presumed to be Will's age and therefore the youngest Initiator
  • She is one of two Females who became the Seducer & Initiator to a partner who was attempting both. The other is Samantha James
    • Although, Christina had feelings for Will where Samantha did not for Mike, but they were short lived
  • Christina, and her actress, AJ Johnson, hold the honor of being Will's first of many on screen kisses in the series
  • Christina is the only kisser to leave lipstick on her partner's mouth
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