Amazing Kisser
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Iron Man 2008
Second Role in kiss: Unknown, possibly Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Tony Stark
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Unknown, possibly early 30's
Fifth Portrayed by: Leslie Bibb
Sixth FWBK: Unknown. Final heard words before first onscreen kiss: Wow...did you ever lose an hour of sleep your whole life?

Christine is Tony Stark's kissing partner in Kiss between Tony Stark and Christine Everhart.

A reporter originally seeking a juicy story, Christine got more than she bargained for when she interviewed Tony Stark. Despite hating his, as she puts it "war profiteering", she gave into his hitting on her rather easily and is next seen in bed with him.

During the next sequence, Christine has lost some clothing (pants included) and is in bed with Tony, kissing him vehemently and moaning very loudly. In the process of trying to remove his shirt, they end up rolling off the bed.

Trivia Edit

  • Christine has the honor of being Tony Stark's first onscreen kiss and the first onscreen kiss of the MCU
  • Since sex, and therefore kissing, was proposed by Stark, it is likely Christine is the Receiver
  • Despite enjoying the kiss, it is unknown if she was subjected to the SSS
  • Her final words on screen before she is seen kissing Stark are: "Wow...did you ever lose an hour of sleep your whole life?" What her actual FWBK is/are remain a mystery
  • It is unknown if Christine had kissed before, though she seemed to know what she was doing
    • There are jokes that if Stark was her first kiss, he likely took her virginity too
  • Christine is one of two Female Suckers who had not wanted to kiss their partner at all prior to their partner Seducing her. The other is Lesley Truman
  • Christine is also one of two Female Receivers (presumably) to be a Dominator in a kiss that lead to sex. The other is Lily
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