Amazing Kisser
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Ben Goudy
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 27-29
Fifth Portrayed by: Sarah Dumont
Sixth FWBK: Come here

Stupefied State Spell: 1 second

Denise is Ben Goudy's kissing partner from Kiss between Denise Russo and Ben Goudy in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Denise had experienced a long string of crumby relationships and lived an adequate, if mundane life. She used to go to Ben's school, but dropped out, eventually becoming a waitress at a stip joint. Due to her beauty, tall figure and job location, most thought she was a stipper.

The day of the plague (before it grew), Denise's bag broke and Ben helped her, impressing her. On top of that, Denise was drawn to Ben's endearing humour and, as she put it "cuteness". Saving Ben from a zombie that night, she joined him on his quest to save his friends.

Due to her age and experience, Denise was quite wise & confident and passed some knowledge onto Ben. Ben, in turn, continued to impress her with his dexterity and wit. They innocently flirted during their time together.

Curious to Ben's lack of assertion with his crush, Denise tried to invigorate his small ego by letting him kiss her (she may have also wanted a kiss from Ben and took this as an opportunity). It took several urges, but Ben tried and headbutted Denise, causing her pain instead of the pleasure of a kiss.

Denise was quite tough and recovered, even asking Ben to try again. The crestfallen & abashed Ben refused and made to continue his job (searching for a diary) but Denise had other plans. Deciding Ben was not about to comply, she pulled him to a nice, warm, soft kiss. She clearly liked it, even praising Ben for his abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • Denise said that, while Ben was a good kisser, he was not in her "Top 5", implying she had kissed at least six boys (Ben being the sixth)
  • Between 25 and 30, Denise is the oldest Elder in a kiss
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