This is a parody of the first upside down kiss between Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson.

The Setup
Rick has had a crush on Jill for the longest time, however she currently has a boyfriend named Lance. Unknown to Jill, Rick is also the Dragonfly, a superhero crimefighter, who Jill became attracted to after seeing him fight the Hourglass to protect the city. One night, as Jill leaves an audition, Rick shows up with flowers and Jill is clearly touched by his thoughtfulness. She also notices that he is hiding something from her, and Rick internally debates whether he should tell her he is the Dragonfly and he loves her. He decides not to and Jill walks away slightly disappointed, telling Rick he is a good friend. As she leaves, a group of thugs spot her and chase after her.

The Kiss

Jill attempts to outrun the thugs, but she runs into a dead end. As the thugs close in on her Jill is frozen with terror and does not know what to do. Just when it looks like she is doomed, Jill gasps as she notices a green blur drop out of the sky in front of her. It is the Dragonfly who sensing trouble secretly followed her as she ran from the thugs. Jill looks on in terror as the Dragonfly starts to fight to defend her though he is outnumbered four to one. Hardly daring to watch with her hands over eyes, Jill sees the Dragonfly easily fight off the men. She begins to smile in gratitude and amazement when she realizes the Dragonfly will win. As the fight finishes, Dragonfly finds himself looking into Jill's admiring gaze. As the Dragonfly and Jill look into each others eyes heavy rain begins pouring down. Sensing a chance to impress Jill while they are alone in the alleyway the Dragonfly climbs the wall of a building and disappears. Jill runs after him, desperately calling out "wait", but the Dragonfly is nowhere to be found. Confused by his sudden disappearance, Jill cries out "where are you?" Unexpectedly a voice replies "behind you", and a shocked Jill spins around and finds Dragonfly's face right in front of her though he is bizarrely hanging upside down. Unable to believe that the Dragonfly would risk his life to protect her Jill gratefully says "you saved my life." When the Dragonfly doesn't respond she hopefully asks him "Do I get to thank you?" Jill didn't really know how to thank someone for saving her life, but she suddenly realized that the Dragonfly had given her a perfect opportunity. He was hanging upside down at face height and the only part of face not covered was his mouth. Jill leaned forward eyes closed and lips parted, intending to lock lips with Dragonfly in the greatest kiss ever. However before their lips meet, the ladder Dragonfly is suspended from lowers, and Dragonfly is left with his face staring directly at Jill's breasts. Jill thinks he did it on purpose and looks at him somewhat shocked, but decides to take his actions as a compliment and lifts him back into the proper position. However the ladder once again falls lower before she can kiss him. An exasperated Jill heaves him up harder than she intended to and he shoots over the building out of view. Distraught, Jill searches for him in vain until Dragonfly taps her on the shoulder letting her know he is behind her. They move together and Dragonfly holds her face, but his hands get stuck to her hair. He rips his hands free, and they once again try to kiss, but this time their foreheads get stuck together. Finally on the third attempt, they are successfully able to kiss, but when they try to break apart their tongues are stuck together. Finally they are able to pull them apart and though is momentarily disgusted she looks at Dragonfly gratefully. The wail of police sirens interrupt them, and although Dragonfly is tempted to stay and keep talking to and maybe continue making out with Jill, she tells him to "go be a hero" and he sprints off.

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