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"What are you doing?""Nothing" - Laura & Lesley

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"Do it again" - Laura & Lesley

"Oh, yeah?"

-Samantha James' final words to Mike Brander before their kiss Edit

More often than not, kissing participants will exchange words, usually flirtatious banter, before making out. If these are first kisses, these words can be quite significant. Words that are exchanged before the scene of the movie in which the kiss occurs, or the final words known the the audience before the kissing appears on screen, do not qualify. The reason being is that the audience knows not what the actual FWBK is /are in these instances.

Denise & Ben 2

"No, I feel stupid. We should just...look for the diary" "Come here" - Denise & Ben


"Wooow...did you ever lose an hour of sleep your whole life?" "I'd be prepared to lose a few with you" - Tony & Christine

PDVD 020-0

"Do I get to say "thank you" this time?" "Wait" - MJ & Spider Man


"Never...but I may scream" "I understand. Sometimes I have that effect" - Zorro & Eléna

PDVD 010

"I'll never tell you anything!" "Oh, yeah?" - Samantha & Mike

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