Amazing Kiss
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Friends with Benefits
Second Initiator: Dylan
Third Reason: Sex
Other attributes
Fourth Length
Fifth Actors: Mila Kunis & Justine Timberlake


Jaime is an executive recruiter in New York. Young, vibrant, beautiful, smart, kind, sassy, she describes herself as "emotionally damaged" and believes in a Prince Charming for her.


Dylan is a handsome, smart, funny, well cut and creative man from Los Angeles around Jaime's age. He has trouble with relationships too and descides that meaningless sex is the way to go.


Jaime recruits Dylan for a job interivew at GQ magazine. After getting the job and moving to New York the two quickly become good friends. One night Dylan proposes a night of platonic, emotionless sex and though Jaime initially rejected the idea she was won over due to being sexually starved.


The two agreed to withhold emotions and remain friends (via a bible app on Jaime's I-pad). They then when into Jaime's room, expressed their conditions and preferences, stripped nude and were both impressed with the others body.

They then feel onto the bed with Jaime on top of Dylan and the the two started making out, Jaime could be heard moaning. They casually chatted and incorperated kissing chests, necks and cheeks. After they both climaxed Jaime kissed Dylan one last time, though since she had just given him a BJ he found this rather gross.

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