Amazing Kissee
Jake Tyler
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Never Back Down
Second Role In Kiss: Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Baja Miller
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18-20
Fifth Portrayed By: Sean Faris
Sixth FWBK: "You wanna make it so painful that they wanna give up"

Jake is Baja Miller's kissing partner from 2nd (Presumably) kiss between Jake Tyler & Baja Miller.

Jake was a troubled teen. Athletic, rebellious and full of rage, he had many emotional issues. Upon transferring schools, he was immediately smitten with queen bee Baja who seemed to like him. Jake fell for the trap she set for him and was heavily beaten by her boyfriend Ryan. Humiliated, Jake took up MMA to get his revenge. Baja believed the fight was going to be harmless & fun and was thus overwhelmed with shame and disgust at Ryan whom she subsequently dumped.

Jake ignored Baja's attempts to make amends, her pleas for forgiveness and explanations that she knew not how violent it would be falling on deaf-ears. Eventually, after losing most of his anger with his training, Jake forgave Baja and apologized for shunning her, resulting in him getting a thank-you kiss.

Later, at his home, the two took a play MMA fight to the floor, in which Baja topped Jake and persuaded him to fondle her. They began kissing, but were interrupted before it went further.

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