Amazing Kisser
Lauren Elise Compton
Some attributes
First Movie/TV show: Last Life
Second Role In Kiss: Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Sloane Fox
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Unknown, possibly 20
Fifth Portrayed by: Lauren Elise
Sixth Orientation: Lesbian
Jamie Sands is a minor character on the internet romance fantasy series Last Life. She is a hot, curvy bisexual girl that Sloane Fox hooks up with.

Jamie is portrayed by Lauren Elise Compton.

History Edit

At some point, Sloane met Jamie at a bar, who immediately tries to seduce Sloane, giving Sloane her phone number. Much to her shock, Sloane refuses her.

Some time later, Sloane heads over to Jamie's house, and starts to make out with the horny blonde, who smiled as Sloane dominated her. As the kissing got more heated, Sloane and Jamie took the action to the bedroom, where they proceed to have sex.

Physical Appearance Edit

Jamie is a hot blonde.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Last Life creator Elesha Barnette, Sloane picked Jamie up at a bar on Taco Tuesday.
  • The actress that plays Jamie, Lauren Elise Compton, isn't gay like her character. She is actually heterosexual in real life.

Gallery Edit

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