Amazing Kiss
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First Movie/Tv show: South of Nowhere
Second Initiator:
Third Reason:
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Fourth Length:
Fifth Actors: Angela Sarafyan & Mandy Musgrave

This is a kiss between Paige and Ashley Davis on the teen drama TV series South of Nowhere.

Paige Edit

Paige is a former one night stand girl.

Ashley Davis Edit

Ashley is the secondary protagonist on South of Nowhere. She is Spencer Carlin's girlfriend.

The kiss Edit

At Grey's club, Ashley is alone feeling betrayed that Spencer went on a date with Aiden. A girl named Paige (whom Ashley knows) approaches her asking if she was alone or if her girlfriend was coming back. Ashley confirms she is alone, to which Paige purrs that her timing to catch Ashley in between was good. Ashley cracks a small smile as Paige holds her hand.

Trivia Edit

  • Paige is never heard from again afterwards.

Gallery Edit

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