All our kisses include fun to watch/hear snog characters. Some characters or crew steal the scene for some audience members, but who?

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1st (technically 3rd) kiss between Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro and Eléna Montero Edit

Zorro/Antonio Banderas Edit


Zorro builds the scene from his entrance, intensifying the sexual tension as the scene progresses thus increasing Elena's obvious attraction to him. It's almost a game for him and his effortless confidence never budged. Manipulating her rage and lust, causing both to conquer her swordwomanship and the latter to ultimatley prevail. Kissing Elena the first two times (not to mention that stripping) were to swiftly and comically doom her to defeat by humility/infatuation.

Zorro leads the kiss with a debonair grace, flawlessly hiding any symptoms of Template:SSS and making it obvious why Elena hankerd for him and round two.

Elena/Catherine Zeta Jones Edit


While Zorro leads the fight and kiss, Elena dominates both with her sex appeal, fencing and sheer presence equally. She wears her humiliating defeat and exposure like a crown after initial panic, remaining likable.

Despite Elena's seduced kissing position, she still owns it by responding to Zorro's mouth movements with enthusiasm akin to her dancing and swordplay. With her hands expunged and vocabulary lost , Elena fantastically expressed gratification with just her face and sounds. Her life filled moan (consistantly audible over the music like her grunts and battle cries), and post-kiss besotted facials sold it.

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The scenes music is quite coy and teasing during the fight, with the occasional Zorro theme use and intentionally holding back until the kiss. The Zorro/Elena theme is used strongly during the kiss, accompanying the latter's energy.

Scene Edit

This kiss is for Elena; it's obvious she derived more from it. Zorro was Elena's first intimate moment and lust target. As she was chaste by coercion, her passionate nature clearly yearning for freedom, this was a truly groundbreaking moment for her.

Both actors admitted to being aroused by the scene, which helped solidify thier chemistry.

Kiss between Mike Brander and Samantha James Edit

Samantha/Anna Faris Edit


This one's a no brainer; Samantha rules it through & through, acting with irresistible speed and oomph. She performs it funny, manic, selfish, shameless and unsettling, like 95% of her actions. Samantha's uses her entire head and mouth in the kiss. Her hands, though seen fleetingly, are just as fast and thorough. Even her moaning and breathing sound crazy.

Samantha was the one person Mike would not fight, and she knew that. Her delivery of "Oh yeah" and sexy, almost smug expression made that obvious. Having established herself as an experienced (and overzealous) French Kisser and seduced Mike before, her action was perfect.

Mike/Chris Marquette Edit

Contended Mike

Presented as an endearing, jerky punching bag who cares about intimacy with Samantha more than anything Mike disappoints nobody wanting character consistency.

Mike's performance in the kiss is utterly submissive but not overshadowed. When Mike opens his mouth for Samantha, rather than fight back, it was clear she had him. His head instinctively retreats when Samantha lunges at him and his face conveys fear, disbelief and joy in three seconds. Quite an achievement given his eyes were closed. His three moans help and his second comically forshadows his gleefully willing defeat.

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Kiss between Mary Jane Watson and Spider Man Edit

Spider Man/Tobey Maguire Edit


MJ/Kirsten Dunst Edit

Mj grinning

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