This is the kiss shared by male & female stars of the 2015 comedy-horror film, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.

Amazing Kiss
Denise and Ben
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show:: Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse
Second Initiator: Denise
Third Reason: Teaching (possibly pleasure)
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 11 seconds
Fifth Actors: Sarah Dumont and Tye Sheridan

Denise Edit

Denise is the junoesque female lead of the movie and de-facto leader of the protagonist quartet. Denise is tall, highly luscious, beautiful, tough as nails, sassy and possesses conveniently formidable shotgun skills. Denise has no problem looking zombies in the eye and crushing them with whatever she can find. Being in her mid-twenties, Denise serves as a source of wisdom for Ben, Carter and Augie both to surviving the plague and in general life.

Denise was originally a student at Ben's high-school but dropped out for unknown reasons. Becoming a waitress at a strip club, rumors got out that she became a stripper, making her a somewhat regional legend. Despite her good-looks, Denise has an unfavorable boyfriend track record and remains single to avoid further pain. Under her badass exterior, however, Denise is a very generous and considerate person.

Ben Edit

The main character of the film and high school student, Ben is a scout with his two best friends Carter and Augie. Although he loves being a scout, peer pressure was tempting him to give it up. Ben is kind hearted, rational and loyal but also unpopular due to being a scout (same as Carter & Augie) and self admittedly mousy. Like most adolescents, Ben has a secret crush and his just happens to be Carter's beautiful and popular sister Kendall who is dating the handsome high school bully. Ben keeps his feelings a secret, both due to insecurity and fear for what will happen to his friendship with Carter otherwise and later develops a little crush on Denise.

The Story Edit

Ben and Denise meet by chance when she exits a shop the Carter is trying to get booze from. Her bag strap snaps so after helping her gather her dropped items, Ben fixes the strap, impressing Denise with his knot tying abilities acquired from his scouts training. After a brief chat, in which Denise complements Ben's legs, she buys him and Carter alcohol as a thank you and subtly flirts with Ben. They meet again as the zombie outbreak spreads as she saves him and Carter from her zombified co-workers. After the three get trapped by a heard of the undead, Denise and Ben bond a little further until Augie rescues them. They then hear that the army plans to bomb the city to contain the plague. Knowing that all their schoolmates, including Kendall, were at a hidden party and therefore ignorant to the entire situation, the four hurry to Carter's home to find Kendall's diary in which the parties address could be written.

Searching for the diary in Kendall's room, a noise from downstairs got their attention and Carter sent Augie to investigate while Denise ordered Carter to help him.

The Kiss Edit

Now alone, Denise enquires Ben why he keeps Kendall in the dark about his crush and Ben discloses his insecurity whilst sitting on the bed. Sitting next to him (both were unaware of the trampoline bouncing zombie spying on them through the window), Denise advised Ben to be more assertive of which Ben claimed to be incapable.

Out of the blue, Denise casually tells Ben to kiss her, taking him by surprise. Ben thinks she's joking but Denise informs him of her awareness of his attraction to her and continues to encourage him. Hesitating at first, Ben dives in and accidentally headbutts Denise. After Ben flusteredly apologized and Denise had gotten over the pain, she told him to take another crack at it but he, too embarrassed, believed he had ruined the moment and refused.

Ben dispiritedly got up to resume the search but Denise, not planning on being rejected, caught Ben's arm and plopped him back on the bed. Placing her hand on Ben's face, Denise hurriedly pulled his lips into hers and they began their kiss. Leading it, Denise kissed Ben slowly and sensually. They broke apart briefly, then, gently sliding her hand off Ben's face, Denise went in for one final neck.

Denise subsequently complemented Ben on his kissing abilities much to his surprise and delight and told him that kissing Kendall would work just fine on her. At the end of the film Ben followed her advice and it did indeed work out.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only inprogress kiss the camera diverts from then returns to
  • This is the only kiss in which the male has free hands yet does not include them
    • This is the only kiss in which both partners have free hands but only one includes them
    • This is the only kiss in which a participant removes their hand from their partner before its end
  • Whilst not specified, there is possibly 11-13 years of difference between the characters making this the biggest age difference kiss
    • Additionally, Sarah Dumont, Denise's actress, is eleven years Tye Sheridan's senior
  • Denise obviously enjoyed the kiss, evident by her testimony and her smile during it, forming a speculation as to why Carter is who she sent downstairs with Augie
    • It is hypothesized that Denise liked Ben
  • Sarah Dumont tweeted an Instagram photo of the scene
  • Ben is the youngest participant to be included in the Literal first kiss category
  • Seen briefly, Ben's nose is pressed into Denise's cheek at the start of the kiss
  • This is the first Literal first kiss in which the qualifying participant is not kissing their main crush
  • This is the only movie kiss with no music
    • Music is heard very briefly, but it is for the trampoline zombie, not the kiss
  • Having known each other for roughly 6-8 hours and been in each other's company for approximately 2-3, Ben and Denise have the second shortest amount of time between meeting and kissing, right after Tony & Christine
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