Amazing Kiss
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Bitch Slap
Second Initiator: Trixie
Third Reason: Pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length:
Fifth Actors: Erin Cummings (Hel)

Julia Voth (Trixie)

This is about the kiss between Hel and Trixie from the exploitation film Bitch Slap.

Hel Edit


She is the overly busty redhead that is hesitant to kiss Trixie, but she cannot resist Trixie's seduction, so she cracks and kisses Trixie. She kisses her passionately before moving down, kissing her breasts before moving back up to her lips.

Trixie Edit

Trixie is the dark-haired stripper that is the initiator of the kiss, which leads to full-on sex.

The Kiss Edit

Trixie makes the first move, softly kissing Hel on the lips, who tries to resist the temptation, but Trixie is just too sexy for even her to resist, so she eventually returns the gesture, kissing Trixie as the two start to kiss more passionately. Hel moves down and kisses Trixie's breasts before kissing her lips again. Trixie moans as Hel kisses her breasts again, albeit more hungrily this time as she pins Trixie's hands to the wall and kisses her some more. Eventually, Hel puts Trixie on a countertop, who stretches her leg to the wall behind Hel. Hel runs her hand up Trixie's leg as she kisses her deeply before moving...southward, occasionally squeezing Trixie's right boob.

Hel's orgasm face

Trixie aggressively grinds against Hel, relishing in her moans of sexual pain...

Trixie takes charge, shoving Hel against the wall and tongue kisses her twice before putting her hand between Hel's legs, receiving passionate moans from the voluptuous redhead as Trixie grinds against her roughly, smiling as Hel's mouth hangs open as she groans. Hel forces a kiss on Trixie, unable to contain her lust for her before changing position, slamming her against the wall and tongue kissing Trixie before she rubs her hand along Hel's body. The two tongue kiss again as they grind against each other, groaning as they do so.

Wanting sex, Trixie takes full control and grabs Hel's throat before meanly shoving her onto a bed. They resume kissing until Camero catches them in the act, enraged by what she just saw, revealing that Camero wanted Hel for herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Hel and Trixie are revealed in the movie to be extremely passionate lovers, who want to spend the rest of their lives screwing on a remote island.
  • Trixie first met Hel when she saved Trixie, who was being strangled by a man. After knocking the man out, Hel remarks to Trixie that she needs to work on her 'nurturing skills'. It's unknown what happens afterwards, but it can be assumed Trixie screws Hel aggressively as a 'thank you', which Hel does without hesitation.
  • Its revealed after the whole thing that Camero was also in love with Hel, revealing that all three of the women are gay, as Camero passionately kisses Hel when they're both in prison, though Hel marks it as a 4.5 out of 5, with another female inmate watching the kiss and saying, "Stick your finger in her fat ass, Camero!". However, she wants Hel just for violent and nearly murderous sex, while Trixie genuinely loves Hel as a person.

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