Amazing Kiss
Needy and Jennifer
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Jennifer's Body
Second Initiator: Jennifer, then Needy
Third Reason: Pleasure, possibly cannibalism (Jennifer). Pleasure (Needy)
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 33 Seconds
Fifth Actors: Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried


One of the two leads of the story, Jennifer Check is a cliché high school alpha female; popular, charismatic and irresistibly hot. Everyone wanted her or wanted to be like her. Jennifer loved her life of popularity and various sexual partners, being very promiscuous herself. She was also a shallow, egomaniacal jerk who only cared about herself and her image.


Anita (Needy) was yet another cliché, playing the role of the runner up. Needy was smart and kind, contrary to Jennifer. Needy was very loyal to Jennifer and they had a schoolgirl bond. Even though Needy is as pretty as Jennifer, she purposely downplays her looks to help Jennifer stand out as per the latter's wishes. Though she was in denial about it for years, Needy never liked Jennifer as a friend and hated how the latter treated her.


Jennifer & Needy grew up together and seemed to be the only friend the other one had, though they apparently liked it this way. It is implied many times throughout the film that the two girls are bisexual and have a crush on each other. One night, Jennifer is possessed by a demon and must feast on humans to maintain her beauty. After many disturbing sequences in which Needy grows more scared of Jenny (being unaware of her situation) she tries to avoid her. One night after climbing into bed Jennifer shows up in the bed too. Needy initially tries to throw her out but upon seeing how Jennifer appears un-demonic Needy looses her fire. Jennifer began to smoothen Needy's hair and coquettishly promised not to bite her.


Jennifer nonchalantly leaned in and gently kissed Needy on her mouth and even though Needy didn't resist or respond she looked very startled. Jennifer then gently brushed her thumbs over Needy's lips and very softly held her face, (all done in extreme close up) kissing her again on her top lip and then on her bottom lip. The two girls remained silent, their open mouths barley an inch apart. Then Needy lightly touched the tip of Jennifer's tongue with the tip of hers. Jennifer responded to this by slowly licking Needy's tongue twice full on and kissing her once again (extreme close up ends).

Jennifer layed on her back while Needy was briefly left in a stunned state. After a moment's hesitation, Needy lay on top of Jennifer and kissed her passionately. The two girls put their tongues in each others mouths, caressed each other and moaned with pleasure, especially Jennifer. As Jennifer began to take off Needy's bra, Needy broke theif moment of passion and freaked out (also saying the f word for the first time, much to Jennifer's amusement).

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  • This was originally planned as a sex scene, but was changed to a passionate make out session instead.

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