This is the kiss shared between two supporting actresses in the Best Picture winning film, Birdman (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance).

Amazing Kiss
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Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Birdman
Second Initiator: Laura
Third Reason: Pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 10 seconds
Fifth Actors: Andrea Riseborough & Naomi Watts


Laura is a broadway actress and girlfriend of Riggan Thomson the plays star/writer/producer/director. She is rather dissatisfied with her relationship with him.


Much like Laura, Lesley is an actress on broadway, dating a co-star and unhappy with how things are going with him. She also suffers from an extreme lack of self-respect.


During the climax of a preview Lesley's boyfriend Mike, who also happened to be be playing her lover in the play, tried to really have sex with her for the scene due to his method acting style. He refused to stop even with Lesley's protesting. Lesley finished the scene, fake smiled for the applause but quickly broke up with Mike and burst into tears. Laura went to comfort her in her green room and gave her a hug. Riggan came in and praised Lesley extensively which calmed her right down and cheered her up. After the Riggan left Laura expressed her resentment for him never being so nice to her. Lesley kindly repeated the praise she had just gotten to Laura and the two shared a laugh and held hands.


There was a few seconds of silence in which Laura gazed into Lesley's eyes. Then, ever so slowly, Laura moved her head towards Lesley. Lesley nervously said, "What are you doing?" to which Laura replied in a whisper, "Nothing". After hesitating for only a second, Laura gently kissed Lesley on her top lip. Lesley did not respond to the kiss, close her eyes or even move, in fact she looked rather uneasy.

Laura slowly leaned back and gave Lesley a sort of Well, how was it? look. Lesley was silent at first, still looking apprehensive. Then she betrayed the tiniest hint of a smile and whispered, "Do it again". Laura glanced at Lesley's lips briefly, then held her by her face and shoulder and the two started to snog passionately. They were moaning and feeling each other up with Laura even moving her hand to Lesley's butt. They were interrupted by Mike but Lesley threw a hairdryer at him and he left. It is unknown, but likely, if/that the make out session continued afterwards.

Birdman Lesbian Kiss

Birdman Lesbian Kiss

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied that Laura was attracted to Lesley as she complemented her rear end at one point
  • This scene is a homage to Mulholland Drive, one of Watt's early films in which she has an iconic love scene with a woman
  • This scene raised some controversy for the movie such as it being exploitation & opinionation of women and/or the movie not knowing what to do with its female characters. Some theories suggest otherwise such as
    • Both women were closeted lesbians
    • Both women were so unhappy/insecure about their relationships & careers, they craved the validation & affection this kiss provided
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