Amazing Kiss
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Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Spider Man 2
Second Initiator: Mary Jane
Third Reason: Experiment
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 11 Seconds
Fifth Actors: Kirsten Dunst and Daniel Gillies
This is the kiss shared between soon to be wed couple and supporting characters from Spider-Man 2

Mary Jane Watson Edit

The female lead of the film, MJ was going through some emotional trouble at this time. Engaged to the hunky and kindhearted John despite being in love with Peter Parker.

John Jamerson Edit

John is an astronaut, son of Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson and something of a national treasure. John was truly in love with MJ and overjoyed when she accepted his marriage proposal. He knew nothing of her history with Spider Man or undying love for Peter.

The Story Edit

After being friendzoned by Peter, MJ set to finding love elsewhere. She found it in the warm, well built arms of John and things seemed to be going well for her. With their wedding day approaching, MJ was getting cold feet. She adored John, but just didn't feel for him how she did for Peter.

The Kiss Edit

One night, MJ casually asked John to lie back on the sofa. MJ got behind him to recreate her upside down kiss with Spider-Man. Caressing John's hair and gripping his face, MJ laid a long, sensuous smooch on her fiancé which he returned quite enthusiastically. John was dumbfounded with euphoria, but MJ, sadly, was disheartened. The kiss looked good on screen, but it was MJ's wake up call that she did not love John.

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