Amazing Kiss
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Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Spider Man 2002
Second Initiator: Mary Jane
Third Reason: Gratitude, pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 13 seconds
Fifth Actors: Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst

This is the iconic kiss between male and female leads of the 2002 superhero film Spider-Man and is considered one of if not the most famous and best kiss in movie history.

Spider-Man Edit

Once a shy, socially awkward high school science genius, Peter became the world famous Spider-Man after being bit by a radioactive spider whilst on a field trip. Peter kept his superhero identity a secret from all, especially MJ (Mary Jane) whom he has been in love with since the age of 6.

Mary Jane Watson Edit

MJ has always been one of the rare humans who is exceedingly popular in high school but remains modest, fair and kind. Breathtakingly gorgeous, MJ is lusted after by almost all her male classmates, but none more so than Peter. Although MJ does not (initially) return Peter's feelings, she is friendly to him. After high school, MJ develops a crush on Spider-Man after being rescued by him, not knowing who he really is.


One rainy night, after leaving an audition MJ walked through the streets on the way to dinner with Harry. However she caught the attention of a group of rapists, and they chased after her. MJ tried to outrun them, but they quickly caught up to her. The group quickly formed a circle round with an alley wall trapping her from behind. As the first thug reached for her, MJ yelled "get off me" and smacked him with her purse. She turned around and kicked another guy in the groin, but a third attacker grabbed her from behind and shoved her up against the wall as another thug pulled out a knife. MJ's jacket was pulled off as she was pinned against the wall, but just when it looked like she was doomed, her assailants were miraculously pulled off of her. Hardly daring to believe it, MJ slowly turned around and saw Spiderman had once again come to her rescue. MJ watched with admiration as Spider-Man knocked out thugs, and she realized that he was not wearing his mask.

The Kiss Edit

After the fight was over, MJ approached Spiderman in an attempt to figure out who he was. However Spider-Man ran away as she approached ignoring her cry of "wait." MJ ran after him, but he had vanished without a trace. Disappointed and confused MJ searched in vain for Spider-Man, when suddenly she heard a voice say, "you have a knack for getting in trouble", from somewhere behind her. Spinning around MJ laughed with delight as she found Spider Man had stayed to talk with her this time, though he was hanging upside down from one of his webs. "You have a knack for saving my life", MJ replied to him. "I think I have a superhero stalker", she said in a flirtatious manner. It seemed to her that for some reason Spiderman enjoyed saving her. "I was in the neighborhood", Spider-Man replied. MJ wasn't sure what to say to him so she told him the one thing she was sure of, "You are amazing". Spiderman ruefully said "Some people don't think so" to which MJ immediately said "But you are". "Nice to have a fan" Spider-Man said gratefully. "Do I get to say thank you this time", MJ asked, but she really didn't know how to thank someone for saving her life, nothing seemed good enough.

Suddenly an idea came to her, and she reached towards Spiderman's mask intending to pull it off and admit her love for him to his actual face. However she was stopped by an urgent whisper of "wait" by Spiderman. MJ realized that Spiderman wanted to keep his identity a secret, and she realized there was a way to keep his secret while still showing him how she felt. MJ reached up towards his neck and slowly started to roll down Spiderman's mask. First his neck, then chin were revealed, and finally his lips. MJ desperately wanted to keep going, but forced herself to stop. "He must know what I'm about to do", MJ thought, and she prayed that he would not ask her to stop. She tenderly placed her hands on the side of his face and leaned in to place her lips on his.

MJ began to slowly kiss Spider Man's lower lip, and was delightfully surprised when Spider Man not only accepted her kiss, but also kissed her back enthusiastically. His mouth trapped hers in a warm embrace, and he seemed unwilling to let the kiss end. "He's enjoying this even more than I am", MJ thought. Delighted by the thought she kissed him even more deeply for a few more seconds, including some tongue and held him tighter until their lips unwillingly parted. MJ briefly kissed his upper lip then nuzzled his chin with her nose. After delivering a final kiss on his chin, she unwillingly began to roll his mask back up. MJ was going to tell Spider Man she loved him, but the moment his mask was back on Spiderman shot up over the wall and out of sight. MJ started to laugh and smile uncontrollably as she began to think about what had just happened. She had just had the most incredible kiss of her life, with a man suspended hanging upside down in the pouring rain. And though she had no idea who he was, MJ knew they were madly in love with each other.

Trivia Edit

  • The start of the kiss is on the lips, but in the next shot they are kissing each other's chins.
  • When Mary Jane starts to roll Spider-Man's mask up, in one shot from the side, Mary Jane only starts to put his mask back over his mouth and she is right next to his face. But when the angle changes, Spider-Man's mask is properly on when Mary Jane didn't even move her hands, and she is much further away from his face.
  • This has become a famous act known as the Spider-Man kiss and has been reenacted by many.
  • Even though Spider-Man and MJ are the same age, give or take a few months, there are six years separating Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.
  • Even though MJ had known Peter Parker for twelve years, she thought Spider-Man was someone else and had, in her mind, spent approximately two minutes in his company and known him only a few days. This gives this Early kiss the shortest time span between "meeting" and kissing as far as MJ's concerned.
  • Maguire admitted that he was unable to breathe during the kiss.
  • To achieve the look of Mary Jane pulling Spider-Man's mask down, Dunst was described by Sam Raimi as "doing some hand trickery" and along with some technical aspects as the mask was not pliable in those conditions.
    • Raimi also describes her pulling down the mask as "making the moment special". As he wants to be accepted by her, and to remove the mask is the idea of exposing yourself, to becoming vulnerable to someone who loves you.
  • The set-up for this scene involved several rain-machines at the studio lot. Resulting in both Maguire and Dunst shivering through out the shoot, but they never complained about it.
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