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Just friends kiss wiki
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Just Friends
Second Initiator: Samantha James
Third Reason: Bribery
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 3 seconds
Fifth Actors: Christopher Marquette and Anna Faris

This is the kiss shared by two supporting cast members of the 2005 comedy film Just Friends.

Mike Brander Edit

Mike is an eighteen year old boy who lives in New Jersey, he is constantly getting into fights with his big brother and almost always ends up on the bottom. Little is known about Mike's life, aside from the exceedingly fanatical crush that he has on Samantha James. Mike's bedroom wall is almost completely covered in Samantha's modeling posters and photos, many of which he seems to have cut out of magazines and newspaper articles. All the photos depict Samantha in highly erotic poses and wearing tight-fitting, revealing outfits. When Samantha was temporarily forced to crash at Mike's home, he was over the moon and immediately informed her of his strong feelings for her, even though it was obvious how he felt without him having to say so. Mike spends most of his time obsessively trying to hang out with Samantha, with the hopes of getting into her pants. Sadly, Mike's attempts ended with him, Samantha and other people getting hurt.

Samantha James Edit

A twenty-something year old model and singer/songwriter/guitar player, Samantha is Hollywood's hottest new item. Rich, popular and sexy, Samantha has it all and is an irresistible magnet for all heterosexual men. On the outside, Samantha seems to be the perfect woman: slim, soft unblemished skin, shiny blonde hair, a beautiful face, a spectacular body, sparkly eyes, full juicy lips, perky breasts and an alluring scent/speaking voice to boot, Samantha is a phenomenon to the eyes. But under her spotless exterior, Samantha is an egotistical, rude lunatic who looks down her nose at just about everybody. Samantha and Mike meeting was purely coincidental, as she accidentally set her producer, Chris' (on whom Samantha, ironically, has an insane crush and is Mike's older brother) plane on fire and they had to make an emergency landing in Chris' old hometown. Upon meeting Mike, Samantha became fully aware of his infatuation with her and was fully prepared to take advantage of him. From getting a free back rub to getting Mike to betray Chris to her, Samantha pretty much had Mike as a puppet on a string.

The KissEdit

On Christmas day, Chris had left Samantha at his house so that he could be with the woman he loved at a party. Chris got Mike to promise that he would not tell Samantha where he had really gone. A few hours later, Mike was happily brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He opened the cupboard with a mirror on it to put the toothpaste away and when he closed it, he saw Samantha at his shoulder looking livid. Mike was so startled he shirked like a little girl, Samantha seized Mike's shoulders, span him around and shoved him into the wall, angrily asking where Chris was. Mike attempted to stand up to the self-centered Samantha for the first time, determined to stay loyal to his brother. He strongly said "I'll never tell you anything!", to which Samantha seductively whispered "Oh yeah?"

Samantha looked at Mike's lips for a second (as if she were taking aim) and then plunged her tongue full into his mouth. Samantha fiercely rolled her tongue all over Mike's various times and licked the sides and roof of his mouth too. She was holding nothing back, her tongue was inserted as deep into Mike's mouth as she could get it and was was tonguing him with great speed and vigor. Samantha was also rubbing Mike's shoulders and nipples and breathing into his mouth as they made out.

The moment Samantha's tongue touched his lips, Mike closed his eyes, raised his eyebrows as high as they went and gasped in shock. He opened his mouth wide and moaned pleasurably the whole time. As Samantha licked the roof of Mike's mouth, he fondled her bottom lip with his own tongue. As Samantha put her tongue back on Mike's, it could briefly be seen that he had put his tongue back in her mouth under hers. In the second shot he his seen feeling up her nude shoulders and back and running his right hand through her hair.


  • Anna Faris and Chris Marquette were nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss at the 2006 ceremony. They lost to Jake Gyllenhaal & Heath Ledger's kiss in Brokeback Mountain.
  • The kiss took place on Christmas night
  • They kissed on the third night after having met, giving them the third shortest time between meeting and kissing, after Tony Star & Christine Everhart and Denise Russo & Ben Goudy.
  • Whilst it is known Mike is eighteen, Samantha's age is unknown though she is most likely in her mid-to-late 20's (possibly twenty eight), giving them the second longest scale in age difference, again behind Denise and Ben
    • There are eight years separating actors Anna Faris and Chris Marquette, Faris being older
  • Samantha keeps her eyes open slightly, verbally pants and makes some weird sighing noise during the kiss
  • Mike moaned three times whereas Samantha only moaned once. Her moan was intertwined with Mike's second
  • A lump, caused by Samantha's tongue pressing against the insides of his mouth, can briefly be seen on Mike's check during the kiss
  • When the shot changes to show the back of Samantha's head, her tongue can be seen swiftly sliding around Mike's face between his top lip and under his nose
  • Mike's left hand is seen only during this shot, right as Samantha moves her hands down his chest at the end
  • Before it is seen, based on the angle and movement of his arm, it can be assumed he was feeling Samantha up
  • Likewise Samantha's left hand is not seen during the kiss but it can be surmised to be doing the same as her right
  • As mentioned above in the second shot Mike is seen rubbing Samantha's left shoulder. His other hand is not on her other shoulder when it comes into view. He was likely rubbing her hip, back and/or backside
  • In the first shot Mike's shoulders are at general height but in the second shot they are raised up high. This is usually a result of the fear that's felt when a person's crush is intimate with them
  • Their chins briefly touched
  • Their lips rubbed against each other too but neither of them actually lip kissed
  • After the kiss, Samantha has taken her hands off of Mike completely, but when the shot changes back after Mike speaks, her hand is back on his shoulder
  • After Samantha's hands go down for the second time in the first shot they do not come back up. It is unknown what they were doing while off screen but she was most likely groping Mike somewhere
  • In the second shot Samantha's right hand appears on Mike's arm despite it being further down in the first
  • During the director's commentary of this sequence it is jokingly heard that Chris Marquette (who plays Mike) had to do it several times
  • Samantha's saliva can be seen on Mike's mouth in the shot after he speaks when the kiss is over
  • Samantha had supposedly kissed several times whereas this was possibly Mike's first kiss. Given how socially awkward and bratty he was this is a distinct likelihood
  • A slightly different version of the kiss is seen in at 1:00 on the outtakes of the film here:
  • Mike moves his head in accordance with Samantha's during the kiss (She moves hers to the right so he moves his to the left, she leans her neck back so he leans his forward etc), indicating his submissiveness to her
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