Amazing Kiss
Nina and lily jpg
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Black Swan
Second Initiator: Nina
Third Reason: Pleasure, impulse, drugs
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 29 seconds
Fifth Actors: Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis

This kiss is between the two female leads of the critically acclaimed film Black Swan


Played by Natalie Portman, Nina is the films' star. 28, "Beautiful, fearfull, fragile" and an obsessively dedicated ballerina. Nina is also fiercely innocent, submissive, uptight, shy and demented. Upon meeting Lily, whose personality contradicted hers' in almost every way, Nina's world began to become even more abnormal. From the moment they see each other at the ballet company there is an obvious attraction on Nina's part and she seems drawn to but also apprehensive of Lily.


Lily is portrayed by Mila Kunis and the deuteragonist of the film. Brash, fun loving, carefree, sensual, seductive, Lily is more or less the yin to Nina's yang. Roughly the same age and a naturally talanted albeit less passionate ballerina, Lily initially posses as a rival to Nina.


As time goes on Lily attempts to befriend  Nina, probably due to noticing her fragile and forlorn attitude and deciding she needed a friend. Though there were ups and downs Nina eventually agreed to Lily's invite to a night out. The two bond over drinks, food, ecstasy and dancing and Nina begins to loosen up, even becoming physically affectionate with Lily. After an existance that consisted of an overbearing mother, a ferociously unsympathetic ballet director and a seemingly non-existant social life, Lily was possibly the first person who genuinely wanted to be Nina's friend and treat her as something besides a dancing object. This possibly boosted Nina's feelings for Lily.

After a few hours at the club Nina wants to leave so she and Lily hail a cab, both sitting in the back. On the ride back to Nina's she gazes dough-eyed at Lily who notices. Lily walked her hand to Nina and playfully prodded her leg, she then walked her hand up to Nina's crotch and began to rub it. It was obvious that Nina was aroused and she let the act proceed for a moment but, persumably not wanting to climax in the taxi, took Lily's hand off and the two simply sat and held hands.

They arrived at Nina's drunk, high and in a fit of giggles. Nina was greeted with coldness and abuse from her mother, so she pulled Lily into her room, barricaded the door and angrily sent her mother away.

The KissEdit

Nina looked over at Lily who was lounging by the bed. Without a word Nina hurridly approached Lily, grabbed her face and planted a big pash on her lips which Lily returned, also holding Nina's face. The two noisily made out with Nina moaning deeply. Their lips parted briefly during which Lily kissed Nina's cheek and removed her shirt. Once it was off Nina hungrily kissed Lily full on the mouth again with desperate vehemence. Lily clutched Nina's face and returned the passion tenfold as Nina swiftly removed Lily's pants, shirt and pushed her onto the bed.

They continued snogging as Lily giggled at Nina's enthusiasm, removed the latters pants and pulled her onto the bed with her. With Nina lying on her back Lily pulled off Nina's underwear, threw them into the corner and went in for more kissing. Nina held Lily's face as she lay on top of her. Then Lily began to work her way down Nina's body, kissing her chest and stomach and massaging her breasts as she went. Then Lily began to apply oral sex to Nina who at first was enjoying it but had one of her psychotic moments where, again, she though Lily was her which startled her. Lily gently sushed Nina, crawled back up and gave her a passionate kiss on her mouth then slowly returned to down between Nina's legs where she continued to do oral sex on her. Nina was so utterly overwhelmed by how incredible it felt her eyes rolled up in her head and she lay back down to let Lily finish. Nina moaned loudly with pleasure, rolling her head side to side as the sensation got more intense until she finally climaxed and screamed as a result. Lily chuckled and kissed Nina on her vagania right before the latter, in another psychotic moment, passed out.

The next morning Lily claimed that the events after Nina left the club had not transpired and that Nina had simply experienced a nocturnal emission. The true circumstances Nina & Lily's night together are never disclosed.


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