Originally a scientifically brilliant young man, Peter becomes the world famous Spider-Man. Having been in love with Mary Jane (or MJ) for 12 years and said nothing.


The apple of Peter's eye and his next door neighbor. MJ was the prettiest and most popular girl at her school. Although she never returned or even knew of Peter's affections, she was friendly to him. It wasn't until close to the end of the film did she start to fall for him too.


After the Green Goblin was killed, Peter went to the funeral of his secret identity. Peter was the only attendant who knew the Goblin's secret. He then visited his Uncle Ben's tombstone and was later joined by MJ who gave him a hug. They then got to talking as MJ began to express how much she cared about Peter. Finally she confessed her love for him.


Holding Peter by his face, MJ softly and lovingly kissed him on the lips. It was a long, slow and very gentle kiss. After separating their lips MJ gave Peter one more tiny kiss.

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