Amazing Kiss
Sloane and Jamie kiss each other shirtless
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Last Life
Second Initiator: Sloane
Third Reason: To fill the void for Taylor's absence (Sloane), Pleasure (Jamie)
Other attributes
Fourth Length: A minute and forty two seconds
Fifth Actors: Kathy DiStefano & Lauren Elise
Sixth Result: They sleep together
This is a kiss between Sloane Fox and Jamie Sands from the fantasy romance web series Last Life.

Sloane Fox Edit

Sloane is the slim, dark-haired girl searching for her soulmate Taylor Welton. She is the protagonist of the web series.

Jamie Sands Edit

Jamie is the curvy blonde girl Sloane sleeps with.

The Kiss Edit

The kiss starts with Sloane shoving Jamie against a door, who smiles before Sloane kisses her, pressing her lips against Jamie's. As they kiss, Jamie slides Sloane's leather jacket off before Sloane pulls Jamie's shirt off. As the kissing continues, Jamie takes off Sloane's shirt, and she resumes kissing her.

Sloane X Jamie

Sloane and Jamie.

Jamie then tries to take Sloane's necklace off, but Sloane stops her, telling Jamie that the necklace stays on. Jamie accepts this, but tells Sloane it may choke her before giggling, wondering if Sloane's 'into that'. Sloane ignores her quip and kisses her, pressing her against the door while touching her butt before Jamie breaks the kiss to admit her surprise at Sloane calling her, as she thought Sloane wasn't into her. Sloane uses her necklace to compel Jamie to 'shut up and kiss her'. Jamie obeys, kissing Sloane hard as Sloane proceeds to shove her onto her bed, leading to them sleeping together.

After waking up, Sloane gets dressed and leaves to find Taylor Welton while Jamie sleeps.

Trivia Edit

  • A fanfiction prequel, Last Life: Before Our Last, showcases how the two met.
  • Kathy DiStefano, who plays Sloane, is gay while Lauren Compton, who plays Jamie, is straight.
  • Jamie slept with Sloane just because she was hot, while Sloane had a more complex reason.
  • It's unknown what becomes of Jamie after, but she is probably angry that Sloane left.
  • Despite Taylor being Sloane's soulmate, her hook-up with Jamie is more recognizable.
  • The music that Sloane and Jamie were kissing to was

Quotes Edit

  • Sloane: [stops Jamie from removing her necklace] No, no no. Those stay on.
  • Jamie: Okay, but they may choke you... Unless you're into that.
  • Jamie: I'm really surprised that you called me. I didn't think you were into me.
  • Sloane: [compels Jamie] Just shut up and kiss me.

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