Amazing Kiss
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Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Iron Man
Second Initiator: Unknown, both possibly.
Third Reason: Sex
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 9 seconds (On screen, lasted much longer off)
Fifth Actors: Robert Downey Jr. and Leslie Bibb

Tony Edit

Self described genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Tony Stark is a weapons/machine designer and one of the Marvel worlds smartest characters. The soon to be super hero Iron Man and leader of The Avengers is also a brash and shameless womanizer.

Christine Edit

Christine is a graduate from Brown University and is a journalist for Vanity Fair magazine. Like Tony, she isn't above a few underhanded tricks, most notably exploiting her good looks to get a juicy story.


Tony was approached by Chritine for an interview but Tony planned to get her into bed as soon as he saw her, going along with the interview and waiting for the right moment. During the interview Christine did not hide her distaste for Tony selling lethal weapons to anyone willing to buy. Tony calmly dismissed all her criticisms, waiting for her to give him an opening. Christine slipped up eventually by asking, "Did you ever loose an hour of sleep your whole life?" to which Tony replied, "I'd be prepared to loose a few with you?". Christine's professional smile faded to a look of coldness, apparently not too fond of being propositioned.


It seemed to work however. The very next shot depicts Tony falling backwards onto his bed with Christine on top of him. The lights were dimmed down for a more sensual atmosphere while Tony & Christine had pieces of clothing removed. Tony was in pants, socks and a shirt while Christine only had a shirt, her necklace and short, tight black underwear. The two had already locked lips at this point and Christine was clutching Tony's face. As soon as his head his the pillow Christine emited a loud "mwah!" sound and hurriedly moved her face to the other side of Tony's to continue snogging him. Tony held Christine's shoulder and the back of her head as they made out and she crawled her legs to settle them by his hips. A short moan of pleasure is heard from Christine. She then moves onto the other side of Tony's face for a fleeting moment and then back as she bounces her legs slightly in excitement. The two can be heard moaning and lip smacking really loudly (Christine more so) as Tony moved his hand to Christine's butt and they fanatically tried to remove each others shirts. Their passion got the better of them and they rolled off the bed onto the floor. It is heavily implied that they had sex off screen right after this.

Thats about 75 kisses in a scene.


  • It is impossible to calculate the exact time period between meeting and kissing but there are theories
    • It takes roughly 4 hrs 22 mins to drive from Vegas (where they met) to Malibu where Tony lives. If they had taken this route and not kissed until arriving in the bedroom, Stark & Christine have the second shortest meeting-kissing period behind Ben & Denise
    • The trip is little over an hour by airplane so if the same situation applies, or if they kissed right after Stark first hits on Christine (78 seconds), they hold the record for the shortest meeting-kissing period
  • In interviews Leslie Bibb said that she got so wild she accidentally bit & punched Robert Downey Jr
  • Christine's hair covers both faces during most of the scene but if freeze framed at certain points she can be seen with a big grin on her face between kisses
  • Right before they roll off the bed, if freeze framed and zoomed in, Christine's puckered up lips are slightly visible
  • After Christine moves her face across Tony's the second time, just as she's going in for more Tony's nose, which had been pressed into her face, flicks up really quick.
  • It is unknown if Tony saying "I'd be prepared to lose a few with you" is what sealed the deal with Christine or if there was more off screen convincing
  • Despite being off screen, this is the only time a kiss has lead to sex in the MCU
  • It is unknown if they kissed before appearing in bed together
  • Ironically and as mentioned above, Christine used her beauty to secure an interview with Tony but this time it backfired on her and she was the one who ended up being seduced
  • The part where Tony tries to grab Christine's butt was not planned, thus Christine does a hitting or punching motion
  • Robert has admitted at failing to film the scene on purpose multiple times due to him liking Leslie's legs and saying that the underwear was "very sexy"