Amazing Kiss
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Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Episode Def Poet's Society (Season 1 Episode 07)
Second Initiator: Christina
Third Reason: Persuasion, pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 5 Seconds
Fifth Actors: Will Smith and Adrienne-Joi Johnson


The lead of the hit comedy series, Will is a fun loving rapper and a stereotypical bad boy with a heart of gold. Also a notorious womanizer, Will is a regular Casanova and had his eyes set on Christina.


Christina is the beautiful and intelligent leader of her school's poetry club. An innocent young woman with strong romantic ideals, Christina is also quite naive and therefore very easy for the conniving and horny Will to exploit (or so he believes).      

The Story Edit

Will looks into joining an after school club to avoid working in a fast food restaurant. Upon seeing several attractive girls enter a room for a poetry club meeting, Will followed and joined. Immediately infatuated by the club's' leader Christina, will pretended to be an avid poetry fan. Making up a poet, pretending to be friends with his creation and reciting one of his creations highly romantic poems (making it up on the spot) for the girls in a deep voice, Christina became fascinated with Will.

The Kiss Edit

Christina visited Will's house and they bonded over their "mutual" love for poetry and sentimentality, with Will shamelessly and effortlessly manipulating her. Will was caught of guard when Christina asked for his make-believe poet friend to attend poetry night at school and despite Will's attempts to discourage the idea, Christina had her heart set on it.

Seeing an opportunity and giving in to her feelings for him, Christina placed her hand on Will's cheek and took him for a long, soft, romantic and sensuous smooch. When she leaned back, Will had her lipstick on his mouth and, enchanted by how good it had felt, acted like the kiss was continuing. Once he stopped, still dumbfounded, he promised Christina's request would be fulfilled.
Def Poet Society

Def Poet Society

Trivia Edit

  • This kiss has the youngest participants, both being around 15-16 years old
    • Ben from Denise and Ben is also around this age, but his kissing partner was older
  • This is Will's first of many on screen kisses in the series
  • Although they were not seen kissing on screen again, Christina later implied sex with Will but it presumably did not happen
  • This kiss is ironic because Will was attempting to seduce Christina but she became the seducer
  • This is one of the Ulterior Motive kisses in which the initiator feels a genuine attraction to the recipient, thus gaining two desires
  • The length of time between them meeting and kissing is unknown, but it is considered to be a couple of days
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