Amazing Kiss
Jule Zack Amber
Some attributes
First Move/Tv show: Alpha Dog
Second Initiator: Julie & Alma
Third Reason: Pleasure
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 18 seconds
Fifth Actors: Anton Yelchin, Amanda Seyfried and Amber Heard
This is the kiss shared between 3 supporting characters from the 2006 crime film Alpha Dog.

Zack Mazursky Edit

Zack is a typical unruly 15 year old who falls in with a bad crowd who personify the rebellious, sybaritic life he wants.

Julie Beckley Edit

A member of the gang Zack becomes a part of. Julie is 17 and takes a liking to Zack, finding his situation "hot".

Alma Edit

Julie's close friend who meets Zack at a party and, after sharing a drink, thinks he's cute.

The Story Edit

Zack was kidnapped by some people who wanted money from his older brother. Zack, who wa very bored with his life, was unconcerned and seemed to develop Stockholm Syndrome whilst his captors developed Lima Syndrome. Zack met Julie, who was a prominent member of the gang and the two were drawn to each other, both loving the self-indulgent life. During a party at a hotel, Julie introduced Zack to her friend, Alma, who took a liking to him.

The Kiss Edit

Julie & Alma enticed Zack outside to the uninhabited pool and Zack was dumbstruck as the girls strip and dived. Zack joined them at their playful insistence and, after being blindfolded by Julie, played the searcher in a game of marco polo. The girls splashed him and Julie moved to the edge of the pool, luring Zack closer. When they were inches apart, Zack removed the blindfold.

Gazing seductively into his eyes, Julie began to kiss Zack. Alma swam up behind Zack and started caressing & kissing his back and shoulders. Zack broke his kiss with Julie to look at Alma who began kissing his lips while Julie worked on his neck and cheek. Afterwards, Zack resumed kissing Julie while Alma continued to snog his back.

The scene ends here, but a threesome occurs, losing Zack his virginity.

Trivia Edit

  • The music that was playing during the scene was Marco Polo by Lowd & Cassie Simone.

Gallery Edit

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