Amazing kiss
Jin and christie
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv show: Tekken
Second Initiator: Christie
Third Reason: Fun, attraction
Other attributes
Fourth Length: 8 seconds (on screen)
Fifth Actors: Jon Foo and Kelly Overton
Jin Kazama & Christie Monteiro are the male and female leads of the 2008 film Tekken based on the popular video game. While not a couple in the game they develop a close relationship in the film.

JIN Edit

A young man with crazy karate skills and street smarts, Jin enteres the Iron Fist Tornement with "The People's Choice" as his title. His mission is to avenge the murder of his beloved mother and nothing or no one will stop him.


A talanted, beautiful and dangerous MMA fighter trained by her grandfather, Christie is a natural combatant and a not so subtle flirt.


The two meet at the Iron Fist training room and form an almost insant attraction. This became more obvious as over the course of the night they flirted and checked each other out. After the first round, Christie came to Jin's room and enticed him to sneak out to a nightclub with her. Once there, Christie (probably knowingly) lead Jin so he could see her bum, the top of which was purposefully exposed through her pants. The two sat down for shots and a chat as Christie warned Jin to not kill in the arena. Christie then pulled Jin to the dance floor and began showing off some suggestive moves. She then made a pass at Jin, making it clear she had brought him out with the intention of seducing him.


The two got close and began feeling each other up. While still jigging to the music, Christie held onto Jin's face and began making out with him. She then put one hand on the top of his head and the other on his butt while he had both on hers. They then started using tongues (seen only fleetingly) while Christie put her arms around Jin's neck, pulling them closer and putting more drive into the kiss. They returned to Jin's room later in the night, giddy and slightly drunk. They had been planning to consummate their relationship but Christie proposed they part ways for the night as they needed sleep. The two passionately kissed goodnight for a few moments longer.

XXX TEKKEN- Christie Monteiro dancing with Jin Kazama

XXX TEKKEN- Christie Monteiro dancing with Jin Kazama

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