Amazing Kisser
Laura 2
Some attributes
First Movie/TV: Birdman (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Ignorance)
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Leslie Truman
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Presumably late 20's - early 30's
Fifth Portrayed by: Andrea Riseborough

Laura Aulburn is Leslie Truman's kissing partner from Kiss between Laura Aulburn and Leslie Truman in the 2015 dramedy, Birdman.

An actress in a broadway play, Laura was dating the plays' director/writer/star, Riggan. Although she admired and pitied him, Laura was clearly dissatisfied with their relationship. She was close friends with the plays' lead actress, Leslie. It is also hinted that Laura is either gay or bisexual/bicurious as she's obviously attracted to Leslie.

During the plays' preview, Leslie's boyfriends tried to have sex with her onstage, causing her to break down in tears in her green room and receive consolation by Laura. After being reassured of her worth and ability by Riggan, Laura was hurt by how Riggan had never shown her such kindness so Leslie comforted her.

Once they were alone, Laura gazed from Leslie's lips, to her eyes, then back again and leaned closer towards her. After a seconds delay, prompted my Leslie's discomfort, Laura lightly kissed Leslie's top lip. After a pause, Leslie requested more, resulting in them them making out strongly and passionately. Laura moved her hand to Leslie's bum just as they were interrupted by Leslie's boyfriend, which Laura was clearly annoyed by.

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