Amazing Kisser/Kissee
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show:Black Swan
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator & Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Nina Sayers
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 28 (possibly)
Fifth Fifth Portrayed by: Mila Kunis
Sixth FWBK: (Real) Unknown

FWBK: (On screen) "Where are you going?"

Lily is Nina Sayers' kissing partner from Kiss between Nina Sayers and Lily.

Originally appearing as some seductive rival dancer, Nina was initially intimidated but also fascinated by Lily. Lily was naturally extroverted and flirtatious, two things (among others) that Nina longed to be.

Their relationship was strained at first with Lily wanting to be friends but her abrasiveness repelling Nina. After going out for drinks, drugs and dancing, Nina warmed up more to Lily.

Going back to her place, Nina locked them in her room and gave into her crush on Lily, resulting in an enormously fervid make out session. The girls stripped each other, moved to the bed and Lily orally pleasured Nina. After Nina climaxed, Lily chuckled and kissed her on the belly.