Amazing Kisser
MJ Smiling
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Spider-Man
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Spider-Man
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18-20
Fifth Portrayed By: Kirsten Dunst
Sixth FWBK: "Do I get to say thank you this time?", "I love you so much, Peter", "Yeah, just do it", "Well, say something"

Stupefied State Spell: 18 seconds (1st kiss), 5 seconds (2nd kiss)

Mary Jane Watson (MJ) is Spider Man, Peter Parker and John Jamerson's kissing partner in Kiss between Mary Jane Watson and Spider Man, Kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Kiss between Mary Jane Watson and John Jamerson and 2nd Kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson respectively.

When Spider Man saved MJ from the Green Goblin, she developed feelings for him, unaware he was her friend, Peter Parker. Several days later, on a rainy night, Spider Man again saved her from a gang of thugs.

This time, as a reward, MJ kissed Spider Man with all the love she could muster. The kiss was so good, MJ was left besotted and staggering.

After comforting Peter at his Uncle's tombstone, she declares her love and gives Peter a soft, warm kiss.

As she grew more wary of her lingering feelings for Peter, and presumably missed kissing Spider Man, she shared a long, sexy smooch with her fiancé, John, while he was lying on his back thus recreating the Spider Man Kiss.

Having decided she can't live without Peter, MJ abandones her wedding and rushes to Peter's home. Both confirming that all they want is each other, they share an incredible, long overdue snog.

Trivia Edit

  • MJ's age is never confirmed, though since she graduated high school with Peter, they are presumably the same age. If so, MJ is one of the few to be the same age as her kissing partner
  • She is the pioneer of the now famous Spider Man kiss
  • MJ is the only kisser/kissee to (in her mind) not know her kissing partner
  • MJ keeps her eyes closed and remains silent the longest post kiss, holding the record with 11 seconds
    • She remains under the SSS for the remaining 7 seconds of the scene (presumably longer), for a total of 18 consecutive seconds
  • She is the only Initiator to kiss a celebrity whilst not being one
  • The amount of time between MJ's FWBK & kiss is 22 seconds
  • Being in 4 kisses, MJ holds the record
  • She holds her partners face in all 4 kisses
  • Her 2nd (really 3rd) one with Peter is the only one she doesn't initiate on her own
    • This is also the only kiss in which she moans
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