Amazing Kissee
Some attributes
First Movie/TV: Just Friends
Second Role in kiss: Receiver
Third Kissing partner: Samantha James
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18
Fifth Portrayed by: Chris Marquette
Sixth FWBK: I'll never tell you anything

Stupefied State Spell: 66 seconds

Mike Brander is Samantha James's kissing partner in Kiss between Mike Brander and Samantha James.

Mike has an immense crush on Samantha and has decorated his bedroom with all her slutty photos. When she was forced to stay at his place, he made it his mission to get her into bed. The hot-blooded yet narcissistic Samantha was content with using her sex-appeal to manipulate Mike, which the equally lustful teenager was either oblivious to or untroubled by.

After the next three nights and four (on screen) failed attempts at intimacy that followed, Mike was ambushed by the livid and deranged popstar. Mike initially resisted Samantha but immediately was wildly tongue kissed by her, causing him to promptly (and happily) comply.

Trivia Edit

  • Mike is one of two Suckers who was initially trying to be the Seducer
  • Mike is the oldest Lucky Kid
  • At age 18, the age difference between Mike and Samantha is unknown but Samantha is speculated to be in her mid to late 20's, making Mike one of the youngest in an age difference kiss
  • Mike is the only participant in a kiss whose hands, despite being used, are not fully seen
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