Amazing Kisser
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Black Swan
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator & Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Lily
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 28 (possibly)
Fifth Portrayed by: Natalie Portman
Sixth FWBK: "Leave me alone!"

Stupefied State Spell: 8 seconds

Nina is Lily's kissing partner from Kiss between Nina Sayers and Lily in Black Swan.

Nina is an immensely talented ballerina, but equality unstable mentally. She seems to suffer from schizophrenia. Having dedicated her life to ballet, Nina's life consists of perfecting her ability and impressing everyone, yet is mind numbingly ascetic, especially with sex.

After meeting Lily at her dance academy, Nina's life was flipped. Lily represented every personality trait Nina lacked and Nina seemed mystified by her; possibly developing a crush.

Although Nina tried to distance herself from Lily, whom she viewed as a distraction and rival, the two eventually went out. After some drinks and taking ecstasy, Nina relaxed and had fun.

On the car ride home Lily began gently rubbing Nina on her crotch but Nina stopped her likely not wanting to climax in the taxi and the two simply held hands.

Returning home with Lily, Nina's lifelong repressed self-gratification finally exploded, and she seized Lily and began making out with her fanatically. The two girls stripped each other and the kissing eventually lead to them to the bed where Lily performing oral sex, with Nina moaning deeply the whole time. Nina eventually climaxed and Lily kissed her on her vagania and seductively wiped her mouth as Nina passed out.

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