Amazing Kissee
Some attributes
First Movie/Tv Show: Spider-Man
Second Role In Kiss: Receiver
Third Kissing Partner: Mary Jane Watson
Other attributes
Fourth Age: 18-20
Fifth Portrayed by: Tobey Maguire
Sixth FWBK: "Wait" "Really?" "Thank you, Mary Jane Watson"

Stupefied State Spell: 10 seconds (1st kiss), 5 seconds (2nd kiss)

Peter Parker is Mary Jane Watson's (MJ) kissing partner in Kiss between Mary Jane Watson and Spider ManKiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson and 2nd Kiss between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Having been in love with MJ for 12 years, at age 18, Peter finally got his first kiss with her. As Spider Man, he saved her from the monstrous Green Goblin and later from some evil thugs in an alley. To thank him, MJ gave him all she could think would suit: a long, incredibly sensational kiss. This marked what was, undoubtedly, the best moment of his life.

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