Amazing Kisser
PDVD 007
Some attributes
First Movie/TV: Just Friends
Second Role in kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing partner: Mike Brander
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Possibly 25-30
Fifth FWBK: Oh yeah?
Sixth Portrayed by: Anna Faris

Samantha James is Mike Brander's partner from Kiss between Mike Brander and Samantha James.

Samantha was forced to crash at Mike's place after setting her plane alight. Roughly 5 seconds after meeting him, Samantha learned that Mike was infatuated with her due to his blatant, lecherous attitude towards her. Being very wanton herself, Samantha was prepared to exploit Mike for sex.

On Christmas Day night, Samantha manipulated Mike's crush by passionately French Kissing him. Her reason for doing so was to persuade Mike to disclose information she wanted. Needless to say; she succeeded.

Trivia Edit

  • Samantha is the only Female Celebrity to initiate a kiss to a non-celebrity
  • Samantha's age is unknown but she may be approximately 10 years Mike's senior, making her the second oldest Elder and the second oldest Adult to kiss a Minor
  • Samantha is the only Initiator who is (presumably) not attracted to their Recipient
  • Samantha s also one of two female Seducers whose recipient was attempting to seduce her, the other is Christina
  • Samantha is the only kissing participant to not use their lips and keep their eyes open
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