Amazing Kisser
Sloane Fox 1
Some attributes
First Movie/TV show: Last Life
Second Role In Kiss:
Third Kissing Partner(s): Jamie Sands
Taylor Welton
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Unknown, possibly 20
Fifth Portrayed by: Kathy DiStefano
Sixth FWBK:
Sloane Fox is the main protagonist of the internet fantasy romance series Last Life.

History Edit

Sloane Fox was a regular girl until she was involved in an accident that put her into a coma. Rick, a witch who died, took possession of her body and began to search for her soulmate Taylor Welton.

During some point, Sloane met a hot blonde girl named Jamie Sands. After having sex with Jamie, Sloane resumed her search for Taylor, abandoning Jamie. She eventually succeeds and later has sex with her.

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