The Stupefied State Spell (or SSS), is the euphoric condition a kisser/kissee enters after a partially incredible smootch. This page is exclusively for Stupefyees and the conditions one needs to qualify can be found under the category "Stupefying kisses". Only add time that is applicable to the Stupefyee's post-kiss on screen presence as this is the definite duration of which the audience is aware. One can still qualify if they transition between SSS and lucidity.

Note: Only post a photo containing one character under a heading if both participants are experiencing SSS simultaneously. If only one is under the SSS, both can be in the photo if desired.

Eléna Montero Edit

Duration: 28 seconds

First falling under the spell following the kiss, she tried to get more, and looked rather sheepish when Zorro rejected her. The spell hit again just as Zorro left, but was momentarily broken when he swiped back his hat from her breasts. Her panic of being found like this by her dad and his cronies dampened it further. However, upon speaking of Zorro, Eléna again fell under the SSS, irritating her dad.

Mary Jane Watson Edit

(1st Kiss) Edit

Duration: 18 seconds

MJ's kiss with Spider Man was the best she had ever felt, thus the SSS took hold of her. The kiss was so good, in fact, it took the SSS a moment to sink in. Smiling, and keeping her eyes closed, MJ did up Spider Man's mask and was laughing and blushing furiously after he had left.

(2nd Kiss) Edit

Duration: 5 seconds

Falling in love with Peter, MJ kissed the man of her dreams. It was a very tender kiss, and she was left in a tender state of SSS afterwards. A couple of minutes later, however, she realized it felt similar to her kiss with Spider Man.

Mike Brander Edit

Duration: 1 minute 6 seconds

Samantha James was the unattainable hot pop celebrity (a Britney Spears spoof) that Mike sexually hankered for. Therefore, her French Kissing him sent him into an SSS frenzie. Initially he was too astonished to speak, then he reached a sort of high and was moving & screaming quite wildly. In the subsequent chaos Samantha caused, Mike was too happy to do anything except meekly request Samantha stay in touch though it's very unlikely she heard him.

Ben Goudy Edit

Duration: 1 second

Miserable due to his dream girl dating another, Ben was at that stage where he thought it was never going to happen. Getting his (most likely) first kiss from his new friend, the exceptionally hot Denise, Ben was very stunned. Though the SSS was over quickly, Ben was obviously feeling the magic deeply.

Peter Parker (Spider Man) Edit

(1st Kiss) Edit

Duration: 9 seconds

Despite being a superhero, Peter owned a persistently depressing existence, especially prior to his becoming Spider Man. This was mostly due to the love of his life, Mary Jane, not reciprocating his feelings for 12 years. It took saving her life twice to finally get a smooch from her, which was easily the best moment of his life.

(2nd Kiss)

Duration: 5 seconds

Peter remained under the SSS as long as MJ after their second kiss. Being told she returned his love would have added to the spell.

Denise Russo Edit

Duration: 2 seconds

Denise had kissed Ben out of kindness, mostly, to boost his confidence and test his technique. Whatever she had been expecting, she was clearly satisfied and was under the SSS to a slight degree, one second longer than Ben.

Will Smith Edit

Duration: 15 seconds

After being kissed by Christina, Will was knocked into an SSS trance in which he continued the kiss despite her having pulled away. Upon returning to earth, but still under the SSS, Will managed to speak a little.

Anita "Needy" Lesnicki Edit

Duration: 7 seconds

Needy being attracted to Jennifer is debatable, but they clearly enjoyed kissing. After their first, slow, hot kiss, Needy was speechless and perplexed. The SSS telling Needy she wanted more, much more, they made out much longer. The SSS did not affect her afterwards, however, as she was too freaked out.

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