Amazing Kisser
Some attributes
First Movie/TV: The Mask Of Zorro
Second Role In Kiss: Initiator
Third Kissing Partner: Eléna Montero
Other attributes
Fourth Age: Unknown. Possibly late 20's
Fifth Portrayed by: Antonio Banderas

Zorro is Eléna Montero's kissing partner from 1st (technically 3rd) kiss between Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro and Eléna Montero.

Zorro met Eléna whilst infiltrating her adoptive father's mansion and they had an instant attraction to each other. Later, using the alias of his secret identity, Alejandro, Zorro attends a formal party at which Eléna is also. They share a very passionate dance, increasing his feelings for her.

The next time they meet, Zorro had stolen a map from Eléna's adoptive father and she attempted to retrieve it via a fencing battle. Not knowing Zorro was Alejandro, Eléna fought her hardest but Zorro was just toying with her. He stole two swift kisses from her, maddening her and amusing himself.

Eventually, Zorro disarmed Eléna and, using her sword, he stripped her down to her underwear. After some warm banter, Zorro held her head tenderly and they shared a long, powerful, steamy smooch. Having successfully seduced and beaten Eléna, Zorro fled.

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